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Introduction Nowadays, and as a consequence of the changes that were arranged in the English Curriculum that encourages English as the principal language for international communication, the traditional tests don’t cover the new kind of activities that take place in the classroom, which develop the communicative skills. In addition, traditional classroom testing procedures cause to students a great anxiety that can affect their language learning and their self image.
Consequently, I think that it’s important to add more tools to assess than the strictly summative testing ones, which will be more humanistic and will include the new mode of work in the classroom. Importance of Assessment & alternative assement Assessment is needed to help teachers make decisions about students’ linguistic abilities, their level, and their achievement.
I think that the success of any assessment depends on the successful selection and use of the appropriate tools and procedures, as well as on the right interpretation of the student’s performance. Possibly, that’s why the Curriculum Committee explains that:
“Assessing attainment of the standards is carried out by collecting and recording information in a variety of ways.” (Ministry of Education, 2001).